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Janet Dwyer

Jewellery Design

Designed and handcrafted for you !


 Designer Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Each piece is handcrafted to order so there may be slight variations

which makes every piece unique just like you !

Peacock Keshi and Classic White Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings(EJD21)
Peacock Keshi pearls sit beautifull next to classic white cultured pearls to make stunning earrings

Gemstone: Pearls

Gemstone shape: Keshi and round                              

Pearl Size: approx. 12mm x 2mm White: approx. 7mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver                                          

Pyrite Stars and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings (EJD30)
Eye catching Pyrite stars shimmer like gold and make pretty wearable drop earrings.

The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, also known as fool's gold. Pyrite's metallic luster and pale brass-yellow hue give it a superficial resemblance to gold,

Gemstone: Pyrite

Gemstone shape: Star                               

Gemstone size: approx. 10mm

Drop length: approx. 35mm 

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver                                          

Metallic Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Sterling Silver Drop Heart Earrings (EJD27)
Beautiful natural colour peach/pink/purple metallic freshwater cultured pearls and chain hang from heart shaped earring wires to make elegant pretty earrings ideal for any age. 

Gemstone: Pearl

Gemstone shape: Oval                               

Gemstone size: approx. 7mm x 5mm

Drop length (incl. earring wire): approx. 35mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver                                            

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings (EJD23)
Beautiful delicate blue-green Amazonite hangs on sterling silver to makes pretty wearable drop earrings.

Gemstone: Amazonite

Gemstone shape: Rice                              

Gemstone size: approx. 13mm x 6mm

Drop length: approx. 35mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver                                          

Faceted Garnet and Sterling Silver Drop Earrings (EJD24)
Stunning faceted Garnet rounds hang on sterling silver to make eye catching drop earrings.

Gemstone: Garnet

Gemstone shape: Faceted round

Gemstone size: approx. 10mm

Drop length: approx. 35mm

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver