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Janet Dwyer

Jewellery Design

Designed and handcrafted for you !


 Pearl and Bead Knotting Comb

create uniform knots every time with this easy to use knotting tool

Form your knot in the normal way using a pin or awl.

Remove the pin or awl and let the next pearl or bead sit close to the knot.

Select the correct size slot (smaller than your pearl or bead) and stand the EasyKnot over the thread.

SLOWLY and GENTLY pull the thread to push the pearl or bead against the knot.

EasyKnot Pearl and Bead Knotting Comb
The EasyKnot Pearl and Bead Knotting Comb is a brand new tool to the pearl and bead knotting market designed by me to simply solve a problem I had in closing perfect knots every time especially when adding smaller gemstone beads between pearls.

This simple to use tool is designed to assist the user in achieving uniform knots that sit perfectly against the pearls or beads to be knotted resulting in a professional finish.

The EasyKnot is suitable to use with all pearl / bead shapes and sizes.

Whether you are experienced in pearl / bead knotting or a beginner the EasyKnot will quickly become your essential knotting tool. 


The EasyKnot packaging has full illustrated instructions and you can access a tutorial video HERE.